In Italy we can have different type of Ceremonies:

Civil Ceremony:

The Civil Ceremony in Italy must take place in the City Hall. You have not, by the low, the permission to do it in a private garden for instance or by the sea…Luckily a lot of city hall in Italy are situated in beautiful old palace or historical place.

The most important thing you have to know is that for the most of the City Hall in Italy, especially the main cities, you ought to book one of this place at least six months before the wedding day to be sure about the availability of the date you have chosen for your Wedding. Foreign citizens, and in particular EU citizens, do not need to take up residence in Italy before the marriage.

To perform the Ceremony, the City Hall used to ask a fee for the rent of the room, this fee can be different, it depends of the city where the Ceremony will be performed. The Ceremony is usually in Italian language, but will be translate in English or in other language you asked for , if you wish.

A very important step to do is the “nulla osta al matrimonio”(no impediment to the wedding) given from the consulate or embassy of the city you are from. Depend of the country of origin of the couple, the procedures can be different.

Thanks to an agreement between the Italian Government and the Vatican, you can have a “Matrimonio Concordatario” in which you can celebrate both Civil and Catholic Wedding.

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Religious Ceremony:

The first thing to know is that Italy has a Catholic Romanic Church so, for this reason, the most popular Ceremony is the Catholic one but of course it is possible to celebrate all the different Religious Ceremony; from the Protestant to the Jewish one and so on…

The religious ceremony needs some important paperwork and certificates owned by the future couple. Usually the whole churches in Italy have the same bureaucratic procedures, the only exception is for the Vatican ( San Peter Church).

According to the Italian law, before getting married in a church with the religious ceremony, the couple needs to get married with the civil one; The Civil Ritual can take place in the couple’s country of origin or in Italy too.

The Sacrament can be celebrate in one of the thousand ancient and marvellous churches of the Peninsula and of course you will get impressed from the beauty of this places full of culture, art and history... It seems like to travel back in time and relive the same story of the past.

Thanks to an agreement between the Italian Government and the Vatican, you can have a “Matrimonio Concordatario” in which you can celebrate both Civil and Catholic Wedding.

Exemples of others kind of Ceremonies:

Catholic Ceremony:

The wedding celebrated with the Catholic ritual can have Civil effect as well. The name is “matrimonio concordatario” due to an agreement between Italian Government and the Vatican. (opp.the Holy See).
After obtained the necessary documentation, the Priest gives to the future couple the request to publish the banns to the City Hall. After this the next step is the Civil documentation in which the Registrar release the certificate of Civil banns done.
This document, with the religious ones, will bring to the Priest who starts test the couple separately for the so called “consenso” (consent). Finally the Priest will provide the “Pubblicazioni Religiose” (Religious Banns.)

Protestant Ceremony:

Type of Ceremony: Protestant wedding with Civil effect or Benediction.
For the protestant wedding the document needed is the “nulla osta” from the City Hall the bridge and the groom are from and a cover letter from the Pastor in which is attested their (protestant) faith.
For the Benediction is only needed the Wedding certificate (a copy will be fine as well), with the letter from their Pastor.

Jewish Ceremony:

The ceremony is in Hebrew language.
Usually the Community provides, for the Wedding ceremony, the “Chuppah” (it is precious and antique), the silver glass “Quiddush” (from their own collection) and the glass to be broken at the end of the Ceremony. The community can provide a printed “ketubbah” too.
The date of the Ceremony has to be fixed in agreement with the Rabin, who is going to calculate the period of the year in which, according to the Jewish Religion, the ceremony cannot be celebrated and others impediment as well.

Some documents are needed: A certificate from an Orthodox Rabin who attested both bride and groom are Jewish and member of a Community (be member of a Orthodox Community makes procedures easier); both parents wedding Ketubboth ; tea; dhath rawquth, that is a certificate in where is attested both bride and groom had not previous marriages, written by an Orthodox Beth-Din.
If the couple has the Italian citizen, the Ceremony celebrated in our Synagogue could have Civil effect as well.
The Rabin and the Hazzan could be, during the ritual, witnesses too. Others witnesses have to be, anyway , Shomerè mitzwoth.

Anglican Ceremony:

The couple must provide a certificate in which at least one of them is Anglican and he (or she) has been baptized by Anglican faith (for the English citizen only); The No-English citizen must has been baptized and be Anglican both.

Symbolic Ceremony:

The “Blessing” in the symbolic ceremony can take place wherever you wish: in a castle, in a villa, in a farmhouse, in a garden or by the sea...and it can be officiated in your mother tongue . This kind of ceremony is free of legal and civil order because it is neither celebrated in a Public Office nor made by Council Officer or Religious Minister but only by an expert master of ceremonies.

If you wish you can bring along your personal celebrant. You do not need any kind of license or paperwork. If you would like to have a certificate of the event we can issue a symbolic one.


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